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We are seeking students, doctoral students and employees to take part in focus group discussions about sexual harassment at Lund University. No personal experience needed. 

In 2018, Lund University began working on a strategy to strengthen the measures in place to prevent sexual harassment. As part of this work we are currently facilitating focus group discussions, for which we are seeking study participants.

Do you have thoughts or opinions that you are willing to share? We are seeking students, doctoral students and employees who would be available to take part in focus group discussions about harassment at Lund University. You do not need to have personal experience of sexual harassment to partake in these discussions.

As a participant in this study you would be asked to participate in a focus group discussion with between 6 and 9 other persons from the university. Students, doctoral students and employees will be in separate focus groups. The focus groups will be facilitated by a researcher from Lund University. The focus of the group discussions will be on the participants’ views on sexual harassment and how they perceive structures and norms within the university in relation to sexual harassment.

The discussions will be audio recorded and voice distortion techniques will be used when the audio files are stored, in order to ensure participants’ anonymity. Together with the results from interview and survey studies, the results of the focus group discussions will form the basis for the continued preventative work against sexual harassment at Lund University. The results from the studies will also be published scientifically.

To participate in a focus group, you must be currently employed or enrolled as a student, doctoral student at Lund University. You must also be comfortable to express yourself in Swedish or English. Participation will be voluntary and you do not need to give your name to participate in the focus group discussion. No compensation is paid for participation in the study.

If you would like to participate in a focus group discussion, please send an email to (if you are a student), (if you are a doctoral student) or (if you are an employee) to indicate your interest. Include your name (voluntary) and email address and we will send you more information. You can also indicate your interest via phone, by calling Hanna Norelius at 040-391353.

Anette Agardh, Professor at Social Medicine and Global Health at Lund University, is responsible for this study. Email: Phone: 040-391338.

This information was in November sent out by email to all students, doctoral students and employees at Lund University.