Project team

Anette Agardh  is a professor at the Division of Social Medicine and Global Health at the Faculty of Medicine and has worked within the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for over thirty years. Her research focuses on sexual risk-taking behavior, sexual coercion and violence, vulnerable groups, and sexual rights, both nationally and internationally. She has extensive experience of working with people who have been exposed to sexual coercion and harassment in different forms. She teaches at the Medical School and is the course leader of the SRHR course at the Masters Program in Public Health. Anette is the director of the SIDA-funded International Training Programme in SRHR at the university.

Ulrika Andersson is a senior lecturer and associate professor of criminal law at the Faculty of Law in Lund, where she conducts research in and teaches criminal law and criminal procedural law. Her research focuses on issues of law and power in a broad sense, especially in relation to gender, sexuality and class, but also ethnicity and age. A large part of her research concerns the judicial handling of sexual abuse. She has also conducted research on the regulations concerning human trafficking, adolescents who commit crime in groups, and discrimination of patients in the healthcare sector. Together with Titti Mattsson, she is in charge of the research environment Law and Vulnerability.

Gisela Priebe is a registered psychologist/psychotherapist and associate professor of psychology at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is a course director on the study programme in psychotherapy specialising in family therapy, as well as a supervisor and lecturer on the study programme in psychology. Gisela was awarded a PhD in 2009 for her thesis on the experiences of sexual abuse among upper-secondary school pupils, focusing on the incidence and nature of abuse, health, ethical aspects and factors related to telling (or not telling) others about the abuse. Her present research is about vulnerability to various types of abuse, including sexual exploitation and human trafficking for sexual purposes in relation to health, as well as support and treatment after abuse.

Per-Olof Östergren is a professor of social medicine at Lund University since 2002. His research focuses on the relationship between societal structures and health at the levels of populations and individuals, especially regarding inequality in health between different groups in society. He has particularly studied the link between work organisation and labour market conditions and mental health. Another central research area is sexual and reproductive health both in Sweden and internationally. He teaches health policy on the international Master’s programme in public health at LU. He has also been a member of the Malmö Commission and the government inquiry The Committee for Equal Health.

Lena Lindell is a HR consultant at the Human Resources division within the university administration in Lund. She provides support in certain employer matters to the staff functions at the faculties, and serves as an expert and secretary within the Management team for gender equality and equal opportunities. In her work, Lena Lindell focuses especially on the requirements imposed by the Discrimination Act on employers, and on systematic preventive work against discrimination.

Einar Elén is a student at the Department of Physics and represents the students and PhD students through Lund university’s student unions (LUS). In connection to his studies, Einar has been engaged in and worked with equality issues both within the university and the student life, through his faculty union and LUS. LUS gathers voices from the nine student unions and represents the 46000 students at Lund university through selected student representatives.