About Tellus’ research


Why is Tellus using a qualitative method combined with a quantitative survey?

The project begins with interviews and focus group discussions with employees, students and doctoral students. The purpose of this is to gain a deeper understanding of existing power structures, dependency relationships, the climate of dialogue and norms, as well as experiences of how sexual harassment is manifested. The results from the analysis of the interviews and focus group discussions will form the basis for the development of a university-wide survey. The purpose of the survey is to get a broader understanding of the extent and occurrence of sexual harassment at the university.

Based on the general picture from both the qualitative and quantitative studies, the project will recommend measures to strengthen the preventative work at the university. The results from the studies will guide these priorities.

Why has Tellus chosen to carry out the survey after the interviews and focus group study, and not the other way around?

We have chosen to begin with the qualitative studies in order to let their result contribute to the development of the questions for the survey.